Giso on Tour – Heraklion GM 2022 in Crete

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Hier sein aktuellster Artikel über die Teilnahme an dem GM Turnier auf Kreta:

In my youthful recklessness i decided to test myself in a closed GM tournament. Long story short, the tournament went abysmal for me. Three grandmasters with Black plus three very strong norm candidates that played on GM level (two of them actually achieved a GM norm) proved to be a little too much for me.

The tournament details can be found here (including the closed IM section and the open tournaments). The strange thing was that the games itself weren’t even that bad, I experienced no problems in the opening at all and even managed to put people under pressure, but the difference came in the quality of calculation and decision making in the critical moments of the game. This game sums up my tournament quite well:

Still, i managed to pull myself somewhat together and play a half decent game in the eight round:

The venue was at the Atrion 3* hotel, which was decent but not fancy. The same can be said about the organization of the tournament which was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary.

 In the IM section there were a tad too many pre arranged draws for my taste and the whole tournament lacked a bit of a social component like e.g. a Blitz tournament. Still, I had a very good time on the island which mostly had to do with those two guys.

Arne is a long time friend of mine who played in the IM section, like me a little bit below his potential. Brandon is an English IM Arne knew from his time in Australia, who crushed the Open section with 9/9 and is on his quest for the GM title. Realistically, we should have swapped places for this tournament 🙂 Shoutout to both, i really enjoyed our stay in Crete and especially our lunches at the “usual place”.

Overall i have to say that at its current state i am not sure that i can recommend the tournament without restrictions. But to be fair, one has to give the organizers a little post covid bonus, the transfer from and to the airport worked splendidly and the playing conditions were alright ( although we had to play with mask, which was not stated in the announcement). I would be down to try it another time and there will be another edition in September/October for those who want to check it out.

 Cheers, Giso